Disney Buys LucasFilm Ltd.

October 30, 2012 – A gigantic disturbance in the Force was felt worldwide today when the Walt Disney Co. announced its $4.05 billion purchase of LucasFilm Ltd.

After years (even decades?) of speculation and quite a lot of hoping from fans worldwide, founder George Lucas has breathed new life into the STAR WARS franchise by selling off his creation to the Walt Disney Company. While some critics initially cringed at the thought of Disney taking control of the direction of STAR WARS, my sense is that the majority of fans and followers are cautiously optimistic.

First, George Lucas will serve as a creative consultant. Second, the release of “Star Wars: (Title to Be Determined): Episode VII” in May, 2015, under the creative direction of J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy, is an immensely positive sign. And third, Disney has the financial resources and the vision (most of the time) and — when properly focused — can make STAR WARS among its most profitable and entertaining ventures yet.

So let’s hope and pray for everyone’s success. The STAR WARS saga will continue with fresh story lines, amazing characters and new plot twists in what George Lucas has long called his “space opera”. May the Force be with us for decades yet to come.

Read more details from the Orlando Business Journal article below:


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