Hazards of Predicting the Future

Clone Trooper Vet unemployed

March 23, 2013 – There is just one problem with trying to predict the future of Star Wars. As the old saying goes, “We only know what we know.”

Reading the future is like reading Chinese tea leaves: the clues are often tiny, amorphous and hard to define, and the variables can change quickly. At best, a prediction is an educated guess. At worst, a prediction is usually dead wrong.

Here is an excerpt of a plausible prediction on the future of Star Wars: The Clone Wars made on November 1, 2012:

“First and foremost, a lot of fans have been asking – What happens to Star Wars: The Clone Wars? More specifically, they’re worried that the show could find itself in a Spectacular Spider-Man situation, which came to a too-early and unceremonious end in the wake of Disney buying Marvel.

“The first thing I’d say is: Don’t panic. Season 5 of The Clone Wars should continue as planned on Cartoon Network, finishing next spring. And there were several mentions made by The Clone Wars crew at Star Wars Celebration VI that make it safe to assume work is already underway on Season 6 and has been for awhile.

“It does raise the question of whether The Clone Wars could change networks, when the current deal with Cartoon Network is up – which is certainly a possibility. But the Disney/Lucasfilm deal is unlikely to affect the current production of the series.

“Plus, I ask, as a huge fan of The Clone Wars – just how much longer should this series go? In the Star Wars timeline, we’re clearly getting ever-closer to Revenge of the Sith. Back at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, supervising director Dave Filoni told me, “I don’t know how long we’re going to go, but I say well six [seasons], six is a pretty good number.” So maybe Season 6 will be the end, which wouldn’t be a horrible thing, if the creators are still able to end the story as intended, which should be the case.

“Or, who knows… The Clone Wars: Season 8 could be airing on Disney X-D a few years from now.” (Source: http://www.ign.com/articles/2012/11/01/how-the-disney-deal-will-impact-the-future-of-star-wars-on-tv#undefined)

REALITY CHECK: Zoom forward from Nov. 1, 2012, to March 23, 2013, and this is what THE FUTURE revealed: “DISNEY SHUTS DOWN CLONE WARS; SEASON 5 TO END ITS RUN” is what the headlines essentially screamed.


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