Script Rumors: Is “Star Wars Episode 7” Screenplay Complete?

July 25, 2013 – STOP THE PRESSES!! Is the script for “Star Wars Episode 7” really done? This excerpt is from

“The Twitter account of Bad Robot, a production company owned by Star Wars 7 director, J.J. Abrams showed what could be alleged scripts. It seems to be hinting that the screenplay is complete.
Script "Star Wars Episode 7"
The Christian Today reported that the Twitter photo shows what could be a number of apparent scripts on top of another. The alleged completed screenplay are on black covers with red sides, and numerous Star Wars Episode 7 followers are speculating that the photo proves that the screenplay for the movie is done.

The photo from the Twitter account included a message saying, “Hot off the presses. Can you guess what’s behind the cover? #FoundAtBR #MysteryScript.”

The new franchise that Disney took over Lucasfilm and gave to J.J. Abrams, the creator of the “Star Trek” series, is in full-throttle on pre-prod, according to Tinseltown rumor mills.

The film, which has a 2015 release date according to its IMDB profile, is probably the most high profile film that fans expect from the Star Trek creator, according to Christian Today.

Rumors on the cast members has also started, with similar enthusiasm to all the hearsays and speculations on the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey film. According to some devoted Star Wars fans, many would like to see Harrison Ford again as Han Solo and Carry Fisher as Princess Leia, posing the question if these Star Wars veterans would be back to reprise their roles.

Actor Warwick Davis has made his stance clear by mentioning his interest in playing the villain role again, showing a solid desire to be part of the long-awaited return of the franchise. His possible inclusion in the cast, like everyone else’s discussed, will not be known until an official announcement is made. J.J. Abrams nor Disney executives involved in the project have disclosed anything about the film’s casting aside from its release date.

In earlier reports, J.J. Abrams has confirmed that he would not be concentrating on the children of Han Solo and Princes Leia namely, Jacen and Jaina, fueling the speculation that the script is indeed finished. The Universal Books features these children as the new saviors of the galaxy, unlike their parents in the previous versions of Star Wars.”


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