Hasbro to Stop Producing Action Figures?

September 14, 2013 – To the horror of Star Wars collectors worldwide, Hasbro is dropping disturbing hints that it may cease the production of all Star Wars action figures. Since about 1995, Hasbro (which acquired Kenner Products) has been the authorized dealer and producer of literally thousands of iconic (and sometimes not-so-memorable) 3-and-3/4″ action figures.

JediTempleArchives.com reports that Adam Pawlus, who “is in the industry and is sworn to secrecy in general”, has strongly insinuated the approaching demise of the action-figure line. Paulus said, “The problem is a mix of bad line planning (Hasbro’s assortments), fan fatigue (admit it), and a lack of a push from Lucasfilm that gave the line enough gas to make it to the finish line. 2012 was a bad year – most toy lines have bad years early on and it kills them. Our line keeps going. I’m sure we all see the writing on the wall for The Black Series 3 3/4-inch, but well, it’s been a good run. Golden ages never last forever.”

The complete Q&A session can be read HERE.


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