“Origin” Character Films to Roll Out in 2015

September 15, 2013 – Ever wonder how Yoda spent the first 800 years of his life, and how he became a Jedi Master? What’s behind Boba Fett’s helmet and gear and how did he become one of the galaxy’s coolest badass bounty hunters? And what made Han Solo the swashbuckling smuggler that he is?

To answer these questions (and further cash in on its four-billion-dollar investment), Disney is busy working on “stand alone” movies – separate from the upcoming Star Wars sequel trilogy – which will explore single characters (possibly Yoda, Boba Fett and Han Solo, but nothing confirmed yet). The “origin” movies would alternate with chapters of the new trilogy.

Jay Rasulo, Disney’s Chief Financial Officer, recently advised investors during a conference call that “the market is extremely hot for everything Star Wars” and that “the sky is the limit”. Rasulo added that Disney is laying the groundwork for a marketing and merchandising blitz which will roll out once Episode VII arrives in cinemas in 2015. Accordingly, we will see one Star Wars film a year (alternating between the “origins” spin-off films and the sequel trilogy) starting in 2015.


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