Mark Hamill Back at the Gym

September 17, 2013 – Here’s a photo of Mark Hamill and myself at Star Wars Celebration V held in Orlando, Florida in August, 2010. Whenever friends first see this photo, they are somewhat taken aback since their mental image of Mr. Hamill from 1977-1983 is quite different from his appearance today. REALITY CHECK: Who looks the same as they did 35+ years ago?

In order to reprise his role as Jedi knight Luke Skywalker, Mark Hamill is hitting the gym again, doing sit-ups, crunches and whatever else it takes to slim him down and to get him back to fighting-Jedi shape. According to his friend Robert Englund (actor who played Freddie Krueger in multiple Nightmare on Elm Street films), “They’ve got Mark in the gym because Mark’s coming back as Luke Skywalker. They’ve got him doing his sit-ups.”

Englund reportedly urged Hamill to try out for the role in 1977’s Star Wars. Englund states that the returning Skywalker will be fighting fit when shooting begins in London in early 2014.


2 thoughts on “Mark Hamill Back at the Gym

    • A professional photographer was available (for a fee, of course) at a separate staging area (apart from the autograph session) at Celebration V in Orlando in 2010. Organizers did not allow any photos to be taken during the signings. Mark’s schedule was busy, so there were a limited number of tickets available.

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