The Last Star Wars, or So We All Thought

December 12, 2013 – TIME Magazine printed the following cover on May 9, 2005, with the headliner proclamation: “The Last Star Wars“:
Time Magazine  May 9, 2005
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith was released on May 19, 2005, so the TIME Magazine cover honored what it reasonably believed to be the grand conclusion of the six-film franchise. At that point in time, George Lucas had made it clear that this was it; no more Star Wars films to be produced. The story arc was completed, and all loose ends had been tied up.

But a million voices from the die-hard fan base (Expanded Universe, anyone?) would not be silenced. And growing commercial pressure (witness the Walt Disney Co.’s purchase of Lucasfilms, Ltd. for $4.05 billion in late October, 2012) gave every reason for George Lucas to release the reigns of his creation. And thus was born the very real possibility of Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

I can’t wait to see the cover art in December, 2015, when Episode VII is scheduled for release. That’s two years from now. Time! People! Entertainment Weekly! And thousands of other periodicals and online publications: Better get ready!


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