Stormtroopers! They’re ba-a-ack!

January 11, 2014 – Looks like our bumbling background friends, the stormtroopers, are returning to television with Disney’s release of Star Wars Rebels in the fall of 2014. We haven’t seen the stormtroopers in action since the Original Trilogy (Episodes IV, V and VI – released 1977 to 1983). That’s over three decades ago!
Don’t confuse the stormtroopers with their more intelligent and more personality-driven predecessors, the clone troopers, from the prequels and from Cartoon Network’s The Clone Wars.

The stormtroopers will be returning as regular characters on Star Wars Rebels, whose timeline is set between Star Wars Episodes III and IV (i.e., the lead-up to the 1977 original Star Wars film). Read more here.


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