C-3PO Returning to Episode VII?

C3PO-French Magazine
February 8, 2014 – R2D2 was the first cast member to be confirmed (last November, 2013) for a return to the big screen in Star Wars: Episode VII. Oddly enough, however, neither J.J. Abrams nor the Disney/Lucasfilm team would confirm C-3PO’s return. Last fall, Director J.J. Abrams said, “How do you do Star Wars without R2D2?” But he was coy about C-3PO’s fate: “They have different agents.”

And yet long ago, George Lucas stated that our two favorite droids were the glue or thread that ran through all the Star Wars films. How can you have one without the other?

Now comes a graphic hint (or perhaps just a bold guess) from the French movie magazine Studio Cine Live. The magazine cover features a somewhat tarnished C-3PO holding a number seven (as in Episode VII). Vive La France! And Vive Le C-3PO!


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