Happy 100th Posting Birthday

February 14, 2014 – What are your odds of living to 100 years? It depends on numerous variables, including your gender, your birth year, genetics, diet, dumb luck, and many other factors. You can calculate your own odds here at www.livingto100.com.

Today happens to be this young blogsite’s 100th posting (a birthday of sorts, yay!) … and Valentine’s Day (double yay!) … and a milemarker birthday for me (50 yays!). All of which got me to thinking: The odds of me and most of my friends and relatives living to a healthy 100 years old aren’t particularly favorable — and that’s not such a bad thing, is it? Every creature and every thing has a finite lifespan. So what about Star Wars?

Pin-30thAnniv-ESB-SWW2010I remember splurging on the limited edition jumbo pin (pictured above) in 2010 at Disney’s Star Wars Weekends in Orlando, Florida. It cost a small fortune and came in a black metallic box. When you open the box, a motion-and-light sensor activates the humming sound of a lightsaber. One of the “most impressive” pins in my collection of pins, the 30th Anniversary super jumbo pin was created to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back (1983), arguably the best of the six Star Wars films. The jumbo limited edition pin is like the “size of a small moon” and contains iconic scenes from Episode V.

More of my Star Wars specialty pins can be viewed here. (Like so many collectibles, the pins are a sub-specialty in their own right.)

So will there be a 40th or 50th anniversary pin? Perhaps. How about a 75th anniversary pin? “Difficult the future is to see” because demand driven by nostalgia will have waned substantially. Someone has to be alive to be nostalgic about something that has long since passed. Even if you were, say, ten years old when Empire was released, that means you would be about 85 years old on its 75th anniversary. And at that age, would you really care anymore? People change, and so do their tastes and passions.

This blog is dedicated to future trends in the Star Wars universe. I am confident that for Star Wars’ grand centennial (2077 A.D.), there will be some scholarly interest, entertainment reviews, and maybe even a die-hard fan club or two (“I got this rare figure from my grandfather, who told me about…”)

I could, of course, have chosen the cynical route and quipped, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” But I won’t. At its heart, the Star Wars saga is eternally optimistic, where good triumphs over evil, and the good guys usually win. So no matter how long you, I and Star Wars manage to stick around, never tell me the odds and let’s just enjoy the journey.


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