Tales of the Collector: Trade Federation MTT at T.J. Maxx

March 8, 2014 – As C-3PO would have said, “Thank the Maker!” I would also add “Thank You” to jeditemplearchives (and its fan-page on Facebook) for saving me a ton of money.

MTTLast night, while scanning comments in JTA, fans and collectors were gushing over the latest giant discount on Hasbro’s Trade Federation MTT (Multi-Troop Transport). I’ve been eyeing this ginormous vehicle since it was first revealed in August, 2012 at the Star Wars Celebration VI convention. The MSRP is a rather steep $149.99 for a large vehicle playset, which includes 20 battle droids (4 are poseable/articulated and the other 16 are “battle posed”/non-articulated); an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure; and a “motorized troop deployment rack”. This is a very large (over two-feet/61 cm long), heavy and sturdy vehicle. The box alone is 29 1/2″ (75 cm) wide x 14″ (35.5 cm) high. To really appreciate the MTT, you have to watch the video review below:

Amazon’s list price of $89.99 seemed like a great deal, especially with free shipping. But “thank the Maker” that the JTA postings alerted me to the early March 2014 price reductions at T.J. Maxx ($39.00) and Marshall’s ($29.00).

And so last night, I made a quick drive to one of the T.J. Maxx stores in Orlando, Florida just before closing (because that’s what hardcore collectors do). I was a little crestfallen at first to find they had such a small toy section in the back of the store — and nothing Star Wars-related on any shelf. And then I got on my hands and knees (literally), scanned the bottom most shelf, and there – hidden behind basketballs and other boxed toys – was the gigantic boxed MTT! Ahhhhhh…. hearts aflutter! The thrill of the search! And the thrill of the find! And the double-thrill of finding something you’ve been eyeing for a while at such a great price ($39.99). The box was a little scratched up, but no matter. Mission accomplished for such an awesome find and a wonderful addition to my Star Wars vehicles collection.

If you love collecting the exotic and fascinating Star Wars vehicles (as I do), then the MTT is a must-have for your collection. And all the more so when the clearance prices make this the bargain of 2014.


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