What if … in Star Wars History

September 6, 2014 – So here is a mental exercise for you: Imagine if some of your favorite Star Wars characters were not born “a long time ago”, but were somewhat more contemporary? And for good measure, place them here on planet earth. What do you get…

If Obi-Wan Kenobi were instead a struggling love-struck writer in 1899 Paris:

If C-3PO wore a blonde wig instead of a shiny bald dome:

If Padmé Amidala had fallen to the Dark Side of the Force and had gone Sith:

If Count Dooku had sold cereal instead of his soul to the Emperor:

If Chewbacca had lost his bandolier, his co-pilot’s license and was out of a job:

If Yoda agreed with his cousin that “it’s not easy being green”:

And finally, if instead of Yoda dying, he had simply hugged Luke good-bye, tapped Luke’s forehead with the penlight he stole earlier from Luke’s toolbox, and waddled back to the ship:


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