Uncut Mos Eisley Cantina Scenes

September 7, 2014 – The first Star Wars film was released 25 May 1977. Prior to that date, there was a lot of rough, unedited footage that had to be heavily edited, dubbed and otherwise scrubbed to form a coherent movie.

Trailer Addict has posted never-before-seen footage of the Mos Eisley Cantina, including Han Solo (Harrison Ford) kissing an unknown female companion (this scene was cut) as well as other unknown aliens (also eventually cut).

The raw footage is missing bits of sound, including sound effects and the Cantina Band music. Nevertheless, it is historically fascinating because of all the alien creatures that we have never seen before, along with alternate dialogue between Greedo (speaking in English!) and Han Solo, and other details that ended up on the cutting-room floor.


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