College Sports Apparel Themed with Star Wars

Georgetown-SW shirts-1
September 14, 2014 – The Star Wars universe has finally invaded college sports campuses across the United States with some awesome-looking T-shirts and other apparel. has more details, including a list of about 50 participating colleges and universities in the U.S. which you can read about HERE.

Georgetown SEAL with letters
I’m glad to see that my alma mater, Georgetown University, is a participant. But no matter how many Google and Bing searches I conduct, I cannot find any images of Georgetown’s version of a galactic T-shirt or cap. Maybe the vendor is still designing the layout? If so, here are some of my ideas:

♦ Replace the globe in the U.S. eagle’s left talon with THE DEATH STAR
♦ The eagle’s right talon should be wielding a glow-in-the-dark LIGHT SABER in lieu of the cross (sorry, my Jesuit teachers…Jedis rule for now)
♦ The harp of knowledge over the eagle’s head could be replaced by an angelic face of Yoda peering up at the heavens

Here is my rendering of a Georgetown University-Star Wars T-shirt (one can always hope):
Georgetown Star Wars Seal
All clothing apparel will be available at participating colleges in the fall, and some items are now available at your local Kohls and Old Navy stores. In the meanwhile, let’s hope that every college in North America (and beyond?) eventually receives its own Star Wars-themed apparel. These popular clothing items will be flying off store shelves at hyper speed.

UPDATE (23 Feb 2015)

Kohl’s has discounted the T-shirts (reg. $22/now $17) for a limited time. See our updated article HERE featuring numerous photos and the Kohl’s online link. College Sports-Combo9F


2 thoughts on “College Sports Apparel Themed with Star Wars

    • Kohl’s online has a wide selection of these shirts and sweatpants. An updated post (2/23/2015) has more photos and the Kohl’s link. No Georgetown Hoyas sightings yet. However, you can browse the Georgetown University bookstore online HERE for apparel and other items.

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