Walgreens and the Search for the Elusive White Prototype Boba Fett

September 15, 2014 – For the last two weeks, reports have been cropping up nationwide of the elusive all-white “Prototype Boba Fett” ($19.99) appearing on store shelves at various Walgreens stores. Exclusive to Walgreens, this highly sought action figure has been challenging to find.

Three rows of unclaimed Boba Fetts! (Click to enlarge)

Three rows of unclaimed Boba Fetts! (Click to enlarge)

A friend shared with me this photo taken on Sept. 13th at a somewhat rural Walgreens located in Ocoee, Florida (a small community just west of Orlando). Notice the THREE ROWS of Black Series six-inch figures! Notice all the UNCLAIMED BOBA FETTS (and Chewbacca, too)! Be still, my heart!

After searching 7 or 8 Walgreens throughout the Orlando area over the last two weeks, I had just about given up. Some stores had the price-tag display ($19.99 Six-Inch Black Series), but the shelf sat empty. Other stores were just a mess with no hint that anything Star Wars-related had ever graced their toy aisle. By and large, the store clerks were friendly, and it was obvious that some had already been asked by previous customers about the whereabouts of “Mr. Fett”.

So based on my friend’s photo tip, I made a beeline the next day to the Walgreens in rural Ocoee, Florida. And sure enough, there were THREE ROWS of pristine Star Wars Black Series Six-Inch boxed figures sitting prominently at an end cap display. I picked up a “#01 Sandtrooper” (with the black pauldron), a “#02 Darth Vader”, and a “#03 Luke Skywalker”. But alas, no Prototype Boba Fett or Chewbacca, either.

What a difference a day makes (no more Boba Fetts)

What a difference a day makes (no more Boba Fetts)

I think the joy of Star Wars collecting is in the dogged pursuit. While I snagged three new items, Boba Fett is still missing-in-action. Incredibly, the Walgreens store clerk shared with me that they had “quadruple ordered” these items (smart purchasing manager) – and that, several days earlier, someone had spent $300 on these figures. (That would be 15 figures at $19.99 each.) Hmmmmm… scalper, anyone?

Walgreens-Boba Fett exclusive-072314-p3But like any good collector, I have a fall-back plan: In late July, I had posted HERE that Walgreens online was accepting orders (no longer available) for their exclusive Boba Fett. However, shipment isn’t expected until mid-October. So the pursuit and the wait continues.


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