How to Make a Custom Cardback: Part 2 (Materials)

September 21, 2014 – Several websites offer tips on creating your own custom-designed cardbacks. For a beginner, some How-To videos are a great place to learn. The following video suggests specialized tools to give your cardback that finished, professional look:
The video narrator (soulflyfn69) recommends these tools and materials:

● LD premium inkjet photo sticker paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″ (eliminates the need to use adhesive glue)

● Alternatively, use HP Premium Plus high-gloss photo paper as well as Locktite spray adhesive (Walmart)

● backer board, such as the ComicCare 24pt Virgin White Boards 8 1/2″ x 11″

● lamination sheets to mount the photo [NOTE: Many cardback-makers do not laminate; others use a clear-coat spray, such as Krylon Crystal Clear spray coating (available at craft stores), for protection against fingerprints and stains.]

● Tab puncher (Amazon, about $35.00) to punch a hole at the top of the card for store pegs

● Corner-rounder puncher 10-millimeter (various models from $5.00 to $38.00 on Amazon) to round off the four corners of your card

● Xacto paper trimmer with laser guide (starting at $40.00 on Amazon) [Alternatively, use regular scissors, but you get what you pay for….]

● Scotch permanent double-sided tape (for lighter figures) or 3M double-sided invisible tape (for heavier bubbled figures). You can also use hobby cement glue.

● Protech bubble/blister (Ebay)

Here is another helpful video, from the same narrator above (soulflyfn69), showing how to assemble all the parts


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