Star Wars Hot Wheels Cars Arriving Soon

October 20, 2014 – The all-new Star Wars Hot Wheel cars should be hitting store shelves in late October or sometime in November. There are at least 12 individually packaged die-cast vehicles, which are at 1:64 scale. The MSRP should be about $3.99 per car.
HotWheels-6 comboYou can also pre-order these vehicles at certain websites, such as EntertainmentEarth. Each toy car has a whimsical name (Gearonimo, Duel Fueler, Brutalistic), though it’s not always clear how the car names correspond to their namesakes on the big screen. For example, “Gearonimo” is a play on the Apache leader Geronimo (1829-1909) and, of course, a reference to a vehicle’s gears. But when did a Native American ever appear in Star Wars? But all that is largely beside the point: These Hot Wheels have an indisputable coolness factor, which will appeal to a lot of collectors.


So what could be better? Maybe a life-sized Star Wars Hot Wheels vehicle….?

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