Now That Filming of Episode VII Is Done….

November 3, 2014 – Director J.J. Abrams previously wrote a “Thank You” note to the Star Wars Episode VII cast and crew on 16 May 2014, when filming ramped up, as previously reported HERE. True to form, he and fellow producers Kathleen Kennedy and Bryan Burke wrote a nice “Thank You” card upon the recent completion of principal shooting: JJAbrams TYL-FilmingDone

The note makes references to “the deserts of Abu Dhabi” and the “stages of Pinewood”, which were filming locations already previously publicized. But the “Forest of Dean” reference left some commentators scratching their heads and pulling out atlases. I previously reported HERE about filming in the Forest of Dean, “an ancient woodlands area in the county of Gloucestershire in the U.K. Thousands of extras were reportedly hired, suggesting an epic battle scene within the forest. Could this be a return to the forests of Endor?”

There is still a full year of post-production work to be done (editing, sound, music, effects, etc.) before the premiere of Episode VII on 18 December 2015. But hopefully Disney/Lucasfilm will release its first teaser trailer in time for the 2014 Winter Holidays season.


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