Episode VII Has an Official Title: “The Force Awakens”

November 6, 2014 – Today, Star Wars’ Twitter and Facebook accounts announced that J.J. Abrams’ current production has an official name: Star Wars: The Force Awakens. In a break with the past, the sequential moniker “Episode VII” will not be part of the official title, though I imagine we will see the headline “Episode VII” appear during the opening crawl of the movie.
I have mixed feelings about the title. It sounds a bit odd, and it implies that the Force has been “asleep” for some time.

If George Lucas had left the mystical origins and essence of the Force untouched, then we could have gladly assumed that the Force never sleeps (and therefore, never needs to be woken up). But he messed it all up in his prequels by introducing “midi-chlorians”, an organic explanation for the Force. According to Star Wars doctrine, midi-chlorians are microscopic life forms which reside, symbiotically, inside the cells of all living things. Or to explain it in the most banal terms possible: The Force is made up of bugs.

Thanks, George. Now I understand how the Force was able to go to sleep, and why it must now be awoken. I can’t wait for the official title for Episode VIII (“Star Wars: And the Force Ran Away with the Spoon”?)


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