Star Wars Hot Wheel Cars: Tusken Raider and 501st Clone Trooper

November 19, 2014 – The artistry of Hot Wheels’ latest two releases continues to impress. The Tusken Raider vehicle looks every inch like the savage Sandpeople it was meant to reflect. Besides its muddy brown tires and back canopy, the dune buggy has a copper-colored front with two cylindrical intake valves that mimic the tubular eye pieces of the Tusken Raiders. Pipes which follow the contour of the vehicle also mimic the look of the Raiders’ gaderffii or gaffi stick. Further, the cardback states that “multiple exhaust pipes mimic the Tusken Raider’ head spikes….”
By contrast, the 501st Clone Trooper vehicle boasts clean blue and white lines. The body and windshield, including the narrow dark-tinted windows, replicate a Trooper’s helmet with the dark menacing look. The spare tire in the back also reveals an imprint of the Republic’s symbol.

MSRP is $3.50 each. Expect Mattel to release 2 to 3 new Star Wars-inspired toy vehicles every month. You can read previous reviews and announcements of other Star Wars Hot Wheels cars HERE.


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