Rebels Version of Imperial Troop Transporter Shows Up in Box Art

November 21, 2014 – Three days ago, we wrote HERE about the first-ever appearance of an Imperial Troop Transporter on screen. In Episode 8 of Star Wars Rebels, the Transporter was featured in several heavy combat scenes. Hot on the heels of that appearance, we now have our first image of a boxed toy release of the vehicle. ImperialTroopTransporter-REBELS-box

Unlike the 1979 release, at least three changes are evident:

● The box art shows a subtle name change. The new version will be called the “Imperial Troop Transport” (minus the “er” at the end); the original version was the “Imperial Troop Transporter”

● The stodgier 1979 model had no forward-facing lasers. The new version features two, replicating the vehicle seen in Star Wars Rebels: ImperialTroopTransporter-EmpireDay-B

● The older version had six buttons on top, which you pressed for “electronic” sounds (actually, a small plastic disc would spin, like a mini-record player). The new version replaces the audio mechanism with two spring-loaded missile launchers.

Curiously, one thing remains nearly the same: Six unprotected Stormtroopers (three on each side of the carrier) still must stand, relatively unprotected from enemy fire and the elements. Take a look at the pictures above and below. The Stormtroopers’ heads and upper bodies are exposed. And in the Rebels version pictured above, their feet are exposed as well. If there’s any consolation, at least the driver and passenger are safe and warm inside the armored carrier.

Kenner's Imperial Troop Transporter (1979)

Kenner’s Imperial Troop Transporter (1979)

No word yet on when Hasbro plans to release the Imperial Troop Transport.

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