Phantom Attack Shuttle with Kanan Jarrus Figure

November 23, 2014 – Target is offering its version of the Phantom Attack Shuttle, which includes one action figure – Kanan Jarrus. MSRP is $24.99.
PhantomShuttle-BOX-Front This is a decent value when you consider the figure alone normally retails for about $5.99. The Phantom Attack Shuttle, as seen on Disney’s Star Wars Rebels animated series, features two fold-out wings, retractable twin laser canons beneath the cockpit, a tinted canopy, a spring-loaded missile launcher on top, and a long fuselage compartment which is accessed via the hinged upper lid.
PhantomShuttle-A Unlike a previous English-language-only version, this boxed set is a Target exclusive featuring the Kanan Jarrus figure. Kanan is equipped with a blue lightsaber. The Rebels-themed box art is tri-lingual as well (English, French, Spanish). Kanan has five points of articulation (head, shoulders and leg-hip joints) and sits comfortably in the cockpit.
PhantomShuttle-B While this boxed version is labeled a Target Exclusive, the Phantom Attack Shuttle is the same as other boxed versions. Curiously, the shuttle has no landing gear. Hollow twin grooves on the under-carriage suggests it might allow the shuttle to attach to a much larger Ghost ship to be released in the future.
PhantomShuttle-DPhantomShuttle-C The shuttle is beautifully sculpted and well-designed and the playability factor is high. The inclusion of the action figure makes this vehicle (MSRP $24.99) a particularly great value for your money.

The video-review below shows the English-language box version. The Target Exclusive tri-lingual version is pictured above.


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