Ewoks Galore

December 8, 2014 – When the Ewoks first entered our consciousness in Return of the Jedi (1983), some detractors complained they were “too cute” and smacked of pandering to a younger audience. My response has always been, “Yes, they are cute – if you think little furballs barbecuing and preparing to eat humanoids is cute. And they did kick the Empire’s ass in the Battle of Endor.”

So three decades later, someone at Kmart decided to celebrate our fuzzy little killers with at least two Kmart exclusives: The Ewok Assault Catapult (released October 2013) includes a well-detailed and functioning catapult with two rubbery “boulders” and two unique figures, Chubbray (pictured far left, below) and Stemzee (on right). MSRP was $20.99. You can read a review HERE.


A year earlier (Sept. 2012), Kmart released its exclusive Ewok Scouts (MSRP $14.95). Wunka (black Ewok with bad teeth) stands to the left of Widdle Warrick (tan Ewok with light-brown cowl). The two Ewoks helped Chewbacca to hijack an AT-ST walker in Return of the Jedi, so this exclusive release is an homage to their battle exploits. Read a fuller review HERE.

You are unlikely to find either Kmart set in stores any longer; so your best bet would be to search Ebay, Amazon or another online vendor.


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