Meet Oscar Isaac, the Singing X-Wing Pilot

December 11 2014 – Oscar Isaac will reportedly play an X-Wing pilot shot down and captured during an opening battle scene of Episode VII (Star Wars: The Force Awakens). As a new addition to the Star Wars family of actors, he brings a wealth of talent to George Lucas’ space saga.

Before his acting career, Oscar Isaac (born 9 March 1980) sang vocals and played lead guitar in his band, the Blinking Underdogs. Listen to him sing “(You’re the Best I) Never Had” from the movie Ten Years (2011), and you will appreciate his soulful vocal chops:

The 35-year-old Guatemalan-born American actor (his mother is Guatemalan, father Cuban) was raised in Miami, Florida. Oscar Isaac is perhaps best known for his lead role in Inside Llewyn Davis (2013), for which he received a Golden Globe Award nomination. He is also cast to play the X-Men villain, Apocalypse, in the upcoming film X-Men: Apocalypse (release date: May, 2016).
Trailer-X Wing Red Pilot We first saw Oscar Isaac in the Episode VII trailer released several weeks ago. He is the X-Wing pilot in the red jumpsuit. Even though his vehicle may have been shot down, watch this actor’s career soar higher and higher in the years to come.


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