College Sports Apparel Gone Star Wars

February 23, 2015 – As we previously reported HERE last September, approximately 50 colleges and universities in the United States have paired up with Disney/Lucasfilm to issue college sports apparel.

Click photos to enlarge

Click photos to enlarge

If you have not been successful in finding your favorite college team’s apparel at the local college shop, here is some good news: For a limited time, most all college T-shirts are discounted online (reg. $22 / sale $17) at the Kohl’s website. Click HERE for all Kohl’s Star Wars merchandise. College Sports-Combo1 Be aware that some colleges and universities have more than one design featured. In the following photo, for example, the Minnesotta Golden Gophers can choose between a traditional lightsaber, Darth Vader’s mask and a Stormtrooper mask – and all with different mast styles: College Sports-Combo2 The photos provided on this site are from the Kohl’s store selection and not all colleges and universities are represented here. College Sports-Combo3 Old Navy may also be selling same or similarly-styled T-shirts and sweatpants.
Sampling of sweatpants. Not all colleges represented here.

Sampling of sweatpants. Not all colleges represented here.

One thing we’re a little puzzled about – and you should be aware of – is that the graphic designs pictured here (all from Kohl’s) do not quite match the dynamic Star Wars designs from the September announcement and press release. (Compare HERE.) It’s possible that the September 2014 designs were only proposals and not the final product.
Clicks photos to enlarge.

Clicks photos to enlarge.

For a full list of participating colleges, click HERE. Happy browsing! College Sports-Combo6 College Sports-Combo7 College Sports-Combo8 College Sports-Combo9ACollege Sports-Combo9BCollege Sports-Combo9CCollege Sports-Combo9DCollege Sports-Combo9E


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