Disney and Lucasfilm Thank Over 50,000 Fans Who Attended Celebration Anaheim

May 4, 2015 – If you want to know the true Power of the Force, consider this: Over 50,000 fans attended Celebration Anaheim (16-19 April 2015), the highest grossing and most successful of the Celebration Star Wars conventions to date.

Disney and Lucasfilm have posted the following video as a big “Thank You” and to honor May the Fourth/Star Wars Day. Or as Master Yoda would say, “Truly remarkable, the numbers are.”

Previous Celebrations have included:

* Celebration I (1999) in Denver, Colorado;
* Celebration II (May, 2002) in Indianapolis, Indiana;
* Celebration III ( April, 2005) in Indianapolis;
* Celebration IV (May 2006) in Los Angeles;
* Celebration Europe (Sept. 2006) in London;
* Celebration Japan (Feb. 2008) near Tokyo;
* Celebration V (Aug. 2010) in Orlando, Florida;
* Celebration VI (Aug. 2012) in Orlando, Florida;
* Celebration Europe II (July, 2013) in Essen, Germany;
* Celebration Anaheim (April, 2015) in Anaheim, California.

NEXT STOP: Celebration Europe III in London, 15-17 July 2016. CelebrationEurope-LondonAnnounce CelebrationEurope-2016-LOGO
To purchase advance tickets, click HERE. NOTE: VIP packages are sold out. Single-day Celebration Anaheim tickets sold out the day before. Therefore, we recommend you reserve online and purchase early.


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