Star Wars Minimalist Posters by David Duphil of France

DavidDuphil-Row1 May 10, 2015 – Over the years, we’ve seen some intricate and amazing paintings and prints of familiar Star Wars characters and settings. But the following set of artwork from artist David Duphil of France is fascinating for its minimalist take on characters we love.
DavidDuphil-Row2 The uninitiated, of course, might view these as abstract art and walk away, not even realizing what they just saw. But if you can quickly identify the character in each painting, then you know you are a true hardcore fan.
DavidDuphil-Jawa David Duphil (b. 1986) is a graphic designer based in both Paris and Toulouse, France. He is a co-founder of the French studio Gelée Royale. You can view more of his artwork HERE or view the photo gallery below.


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