Star Wars Weekends 2015: New Merchandise

May 15, 2015 – For Day One of Disney’s annual Star Wars Weekends, our focus today is mostly on the merchandise – limited edition collectibles, clothing, and other tchotchkes.

C-3PO Mickey Ears ($17.95)

C-3PO Mickey Ears ($17.95)

Once again, Disney relocated its merchandise store (called Darth’s Mall) and actually broke it up into three (3) separate stores. To find them, you have to trek to the very back of Hollywood Studios. The entrance is to the right of the Lights! Motor! Action! attraction, and two of the stores occupy the space vacated by the now-closed Backlot Express Tour:

X-Wing Collectibles: Vinylmation, pins, graphic MagicBands, Dooney & Bourke, Star Wars D-Tech Me, etc.

Watto’s Grotto: Aurbesh nametags, Build-Your-Own-Droid (or Lightsaber), Official Pix photographs, plush toys, and other Star Wars Weekends items.

Prop Shop: This is actually a year-round open-wall store selling T-shirts, LEGO items and regular Star Wars merchandise.

Here’s the entrance:

The asphalt walkway is the former pick-up/drop off roadway for the now-shuttered Backlot Express Tour. Along the way, you’ll see giant stylized boards and signage that mimick Topps trading cards:

For the limited edition collectibles and exclusive merchandise, head straight to the X-Wing Collectibles store:

There are four (4) jumbo hinge pins from the original trilogy: Jabba’s Sail Barge, Slave I, Millenium Falcon and AT-AT. Each pin is nicely displayed in a box and opens up to reveal an enamel-painted scene ($24.95 each; ltd.ed. 2300):

Here are the Star Wars Weekends 2015 logo pin ($14.95) and Annual Passholders pin ($15.95; ltd.ed. 5000):

Every year, Disney also releases a collectors’ pin series for Star Wars Weekends. This year features a 3-fold, double-hinged pin – one for each of the three Original Trilogy movies ($15.95; ltd.ed. 3900):

If you have deeper pockets, you could splurge and buy the “Framed Pin Set with Completer Pin” ($375.00; ltd.ed. 300) or the “Tiered Pin Set with Second Death Star Completer Pin” ($100; ltd.ed. 900) or the Helmets Pin Set ($89.95; ltd.ed. 1000: Pins-Framed$375-LE300


Your kids (or the big kid inside you) will love all the other items for sale. Here’s a small sampling (click through the gallery):

Official Pix is a first-time vendor on Disney property. They sell some very high-quality photographs of Star Wars actors, characters and animated figures – great for your celebrities to autograph:

If you get hungry, don’t forget to pick up your “Han Solo in Carbonite Souvenir Popcorn Bucket” ($12.95) while supplies last. It’s all cheap thin plastic, and the sides aren’t very sturdy. But it does the job (holds your popcorn) and is nice to look at:

Regrettably, we could not find the Boba Fett stein (actually, a plastic cup with a lid). A cast member advised that the stock hadn’t arrived yet.

Be sure to order your personalized name tag written in Aurebesh, the language of Star Wars. Just fill out the form and return in 20-25 minutes (you can still shop the rest of the store):

The personalized pins will look cool on your new T-shirts ($24.95 each). Here are just two out of many:

This year’s version of “Darth’s Mall” is definitely smaller than in previous years. The two main stores feel somewhat cramped. On the other hand, by diverting the collectibles crowd to the “X-Wing Collectibles” store, it does cut the wait time to enter the general merchandise store, “Watto’s Grotto”.

Disney also does a great job at theme-ing and decorating its stores:

As you exit Watto’s Grotto – your wallet or purse quite a bit lighter – Disney always remembers to thank you:


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