Star Wars’ Sound Effects Ring Through Our (Y)ears

May 18, 2015 – For over three decades, the sounds of Star Wars have been ringing through our ears and have burned themselves into our collective memories. Academy Award-winner Ben Burtt is well recognized for creating such iconic sounds as R2-D2’s voice, Darth Vader’s breathing mask, and the buzzing-whooshing sound of a lightsaber. But that’s just the tip of an aural iceberg of sound effects.

Close your eyes and listen to this short video created by Rishi Kaneria. Or keep your eyes open and simultaneously watch and hear Star Wars (minus the dialogue) in this fascinating clip. (It runs just under two minutes.) Either way, you’ll be reminded of how important sound design and sound editing were to the success of Star Wars.

The Sounds of Star Wars from Rishi Kaneria on Vimeo.


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