Hasbro Pulse Launches Today

June 26, 2015 – Hasbro, the successor to the Kenner toy company and longtime license-holder of numerous Star Wars toy merchandise lines, is today launching its “Hasbro Pulse” campaign.

Hasbro Pulse

Click the link above to either join or visit the Hasbro Pulse page. Hasbro states that email subscribers will receive “the latest Hasbro Pulse brand news as it happens, plus access to special offers we may dream up.” Subscribers will reportedly have access to:

● Upcoming reveals for your favorite brands (Star Wars, Transformers, My Little Pony, G.I. Joe)
● Behind the scenes look with Hasbro designers
● Fan polls
● A chance to get insider access at events

While some fans might leap at the chance to see “new product images (and) epic unboxing videos”, others might question whether Hasbro Pulse is simply a marketing strategy to capture email addresses and advertise to a larger audience.

You could, of course, skip the registration process and simply view the Hasbro Pulse page as often as you like if you don’t want to reveal your email address. Or simply visit a variety of Star Wars collector websites to take your own pulse of product developments – many of which go far beyond Hasbro’s offerings.

Curiously, registration requires you to submit your date of birth (thus capturing demographic information) and a U.S. zip code. But what if you are one of the many non-U.S. visitors? Then we might suggest simply selecting your favorite U.S. city and entering its zip code, which can be found HERE.

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