Star Wars: The Fall of the Galactic Republic

August 17, 2015 – Depending on when you were born, you either really like or really detest the Star Wars prequels (1999-2005).

Those who were born around the turn of this century tend to view the prequels with some nostalgia and appreciate the story line. By contrast, older viewers who watched the original trilogy when it first came out (1977-1983) tend to cherish the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back and, to a lesser degree, Return of the Jedi. But poor script-writing, a cumbersome political backstory, over-reliance on CGI and other shortcomings have older viewers running for the exits whenever the prequels are mentioned.

It’s a generational thing.

In response, “TJTheEmperor” (on YouTube) has heavily edited and combined all three Star Wars prequels into one three-and-a-half-hour movie. In his estimation, it makes the Prequel Trilogy “something a bit easier to watch”. But he also cautions, “I don’t know if any amount of editing magic can ever make the Prequel Trilogy truly ‘good'”.

At a minimum, this streamlined video is a good resource if you ever need to refresh your memory, or if you want a condensed version of Episodes I-III. No matter when you were born ….

2016 UPDATE:

The powers that be (i.e., Disney/Lucasfilm) have apparently issued a take-down notice in early 2016 for the YouTube video above, which is no longer available.


5 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Fall of the Galactic Republic

  1. Hey, so, I’m actually the guy who edited the video in question. Thanks a lot for mentioning it in the post. I’m pissed that it was taken down, though I guess I’m not surprised. I don’t know where else I could post it, but if I do, I can certainly let you know. Anyway, thanks again for writing about my video.

  2. Judging from your comments, it’s easier to see that you prefer the OT. Aside from the negative comments about the PT, you dismissed its fans as “nostalgic” . . . more so than the OT fans.

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