Best Buy: BB-8 Droid, Battlefront Pre-Orders and More

September 5, 2015 – Best Buy is offering a BB-8 droid for $149.99 (free shipping if purchased online). The droid is produced by U.S.-based company, Sphero, which designed the BB-8 featured in The Force Awakens. BestBuy-TFA-090515-A Best Buy describes the miniature version as “compatible with select Apple® iOS and Android smartphones and tablets; authentic movements; holographic communication; autonous behavior; adaptive personality.”

If you are eagerly awaiting the Star Wars: Battlefront game, you can place a pre-order with Best Buy HERE. You can also receive a $10 Best Buy Reward certificate with your purchase of $100 or more. Best Buy “Unlocked Members” will also receive 20% off their Battlefront purchase. BestBuy-TFA-090515-D

Star Wars SteelBooks can also be pre-ordered HERE. The Blu-ray steelbooks are $16.99 each (plus free shipping if total purchase price is $35.00 or more). BestBuy-TFA-090515-C

Additional items (headphones and earbuds, Apple hard-shell cases, portable bluetooth speakers, Darth Vader toaster, softgoods, etc.) are viewable at the link below: BestBuy-TFA-090515-B

Best Buy’s 4-day Labor Day sale ends at midnight, Monday, September 7, 2015.


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