Michael’s Store Offers 20% Off “The Force Awakens” Merchandise

September 5, 2015 – When even your local arts ‘n craft store is featuring The Force Awakens products just inside the entrance, then you know that Star Wars has truly run amuck. So get them while you can.

This three-day Labor Day Weekend (U.S.), Michael’s is offering 20% off your entire purchase – including sale items. If you don’t have a Michael’s store near you, you can always order items online at Michaels.com.

Here are some sample The Force Awakens products at Michael’s:





Some items, such as TFA party products (themed paper plates, napkins, cups, etc.) are only available online. And don’t expect to find any action figures, vehicles or light sabers at Michael’s. The photos above give you a good sense of what to find.

Click the photo below for your 20% off coupon. You can also use a separate 40% off coupon for a single item – best applied toward your most expensive item. Michaels-SW-090515-G


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