Where’s Luke?

November 12, 2015 – A small handful of teasers, trailers and a new TV promo ad have been released to promote Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Curiously, Luke Skywalker’s visage has been missing in all the clips released to date. (We are ignoring, for now, the prosthetic hand reaching out to touch R2-D2 that may or may not belong to Luke. And we are ignoring his voice-over in one of the teasers.)

The fact that Vader’s son is missing in action in all of the clips is a major indicator. But of what? What’s the big secret? What is the big Christmas surprise that J.J. Abrams is assiduously hiding from us?

In response to the growing chorus of cries (“Where’s Luke?”), Disney has released a new trailer which may help to open your eyes a bit. See if you can spot Luke. Enjoy:

On a more serious note, the international trailer for The Force Awakens (here with Japanese captions) will pique your curiousity. In five more weeks, all will be revealed:

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