Conan O’Brien Visits Lucasfilm

November 16, 2015 – Most of us will never get the opportunity to visit the headquarters of Lucasfilm and ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) at the Presidio in San Francisco. According to Lucasfilm’s FAQ page, public tours are not available since these are working production facilities.

So the second best option is to follow comedian Conan O’Brien on his video tour of the Lucasfilm campus below. The films runs just over 8 minutes long:

Some of our favorite clips (and quips) include the not-very-informed tour guide; Conan breaking an “original” Imperial AT-AT model at 02:54 (we hope it was a replica brought in by Conan’s crew for destruction); a visit to the self-styled “nerd corner” at 03:29; a brief chat with one of the few female employees (04:10); and Conan suiting up into a lycra suit for some green-screen antics (04:45).

Once you’ve watched Conan O’Brien’s video, you can officially cross “Visit Lucasfilm” off your bucket list.


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