Retro Posters Unveiled for “The Force Awakens”

November 29, 2015 – What’s old is new again, including three old-style posters released for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
TFA-Poster-Retro-ComingGalaxy The retro one-sheets are a throwback to the very first batch of Star Wars posters, which were issued in 1977 to promote the first Star Wars movie.
TFA-Poster-Retro-ALongTimeAgo With The Force Awakens scheduled to premiere in less than three weeks, these posters are likely to be the last set of promotional prints to be released.

One of our favorites is the final poster, “The Force is calling to you. Just let it in”, which blends the 1977 look with a quote from the 2015 sequel. TFA-Poster-Retro-CallingToYou

To capture the look and feel of the 1977 batch of posters, the creators of the newest posters are using a font type called “ITC Serif Gothic Heavy”. ITC Serif Gothic was used to publicize the very first Star Wars movie (1977). Here is a sample reprint. ForceAwakens-Font-1stSWMovie

ITC Serif Gothic was designed in 1972 by Herb Lubalin and Tony DeSpigna. This typeface was said to combine “Gothic simplicity with Roman elegance” and was based on another font by Mr. Lubalin called “ITC Avant Garde”. The print-design was popular in the 1970’s and often used in ads, book covers and posters of that era.

Now compare the retro-style posters, above, with the three original one-sheets below. These minimalist posters are what you would have seen in the spring and summer of 1977.

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