SNL Pokes Fun at Adult Star Wars Collectors

December 13, 2015 – Since 1975, Saturday Night Live has been poking fun of politicians, celebrities, the absurdities of everyday life, and just about any topic you can think of. Now in its 41st season, SNL last night took aim at adult Star Wars collectors.

The video starts off sounding like a 1970s/1980s-style toy commercial showing kids playing with their new action figures and vehicles.

Announcer: Are you ready to bring the adventure of the Star Wars universe into your home?
Kids: The Force is with us!
Adult nerds: And us – Yeah, us, too.

If you missed the skit last night, here’s the video:

For some viewers (ahem, collectors), the SNL mock-u-mercial might have hit uncomfortably close to home when one of the adult nerds says, “I have three of each: One to display, one to open, and one just in case”. The little kid then turns to look at him and asks, “Why?”

Ahhh, wisdom from the mouth of babes. Now, back to your collection….


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