Star Wars Leg Lamp: “A Christmas Story” Cross-Over

December 24, 2015 – Watching “A Christmas Story” (1983) has become an annual tradition for many over the Holidays. One of the funniest scenes is when the father (Darrin McGavin), called “the Old Man” in the movie, receives perhaps the ugliest lamp ever created. When the wooden crate is delivered to his door, the Old Man sees the word “fragile” stamped on it – but in his excitement, thinks it’s Italian and calls it “fra-JEE-lay”. He’s so proud of the lamp, that he brags to passersby that “it’s a major award”.

Over three decades after the movie’s release, the iconic Leg Lamp still remains entrenched in our collective memories.

For a more modern version of the odd Leg Lamp, check out this photo of a Star Wars interpretation. Created by Gordon Tarpley of Los Angeles, California, the one-of-a-kind lamp features R2-D2’s domed head and one of C-3PO’s legs. How cool is that? Read the story here.
Leg Lamp-Gordon Tarpley


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