A Response to “40 Unforgiveable Plot Holes in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens'”

January 9, 2016 – Just a few days after the premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the Huffington Post featured an article alleging numerous gaping plot holes and defects in the movie. The article, written by Seth Abramson and entitled “40 Unforgiveable Plot Holes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens“, provides a mixture of thoughtful criticisms – and some silly questions which the movie readily answers. You can read the article HERE.
TFA-Article 40 Plot Holes While nuanced criticism and intelligent discussion are always welcome, the “40 Unforgiveable Plot Holes” article is prone at times to undermining its own premise: Not every alleged plot hole is even remotely a plot hole, and some of the questions are just plain silly – as if stretching to reach an arbitrary 40-point count. The unintended impression the author leaves is that he had barely finished seeing the movie before rushing out to write his screed.

In fact, two clues might caution you to read Mr. Abramson’s critiques with a healthy dose of skepticism. First, his opening paragraph makes the bold (and, frankly, hard to believe) statement that The Force Awakens “has more plot holes than any film I’ve ever seen”. Really? We can name at least half a dozen other movies, whose innumerable plot holes you can drive a Millenium Falcon through again and again.

The second red flag is the initial posting date of the article: December 21st, 2015, at 9:49 am. The movie premiered on the evening of December 17th. So while it’s entirely possible that Mr. Abramson saw the movie more than once (perhaps four times, once a day), this is highly doubtful. A book or movie critic will need to review the subject several times (not just once), allow some time to digest the material between viewings, conduct some basic research, and then budget adequate time to draft, revise, proof and post his/her article, subject to the editorial requirements of the publisher.

That Mr. Abramson was able to do all this in the space of less than three and a half (3 1/2) days – during the busy Holiday season no less – strains credulity.

Fortunately, there is balance in the Force. Another equally determined writer has written a point-by-point rebuttal. Matty Granger’s article, “At Long Last … My ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Review. The Force Awakens and the Rise of Idiot Journalism”, was posted on Mr. Granger’s Facebook page on January 6, 2016, which you can read HERE.
TFA-Article Rebuttal 40 Plot Holes
But be forewarned: Mr. Granger is a passionate fan of the Star Wars universe, and his sometimes fierce rebuttals of the Abramson article make for some hard-edged statements. Nevertheless, his article already boasts nearly 8,000 “likes” and over 17,000 “shares” on Facebook, so he obviously has found a receptive audience.

Reading both articles is an exercise in point/counter-point debate. It’s as if a Jedi Master and Sith Lord have taken out their sharpest quills and challenged each other to an ink-blot duel.

So go get some popcorn. Read both articles. And see if they don’t somehow confirm or alter your view of The Force Awakens.

[Photo credit: Disney/Lucasfilm]


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