Side-by-Side Comparison of “A New Hope” with “The Force Awakens”

March 29, 2016 – Director J.J. Abrams and Disney/Lucasfilm were perhaps overly cautious when they rebooted the Star Wars franchise with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Opting for the tried-and-true recipe of the first Star Wars film, Abrams and Co. did not appear to take many creative risks with TFA.

Despite the movie’s tremendous commercial success, critics and fans have rightly noted TFA’s heavy borrowing of plot lines from A New Hope.

Now comes even more proof of the similarities in this side-by-side comparison of shots from both Episodes IV and VII. Created by Vimeo user Zachary Antell, the video shows numerous scenes from TFA, which appear to be cribbed from A New Hope.

"A New Awakening" – Star Wars Episode IV and VII Shot Comparison from Zachary Antell on Vimeo.

Of course, a good number of “copycat” scenes were done intentionally as an homage or a nod to A New Hope. See, for example, Finn sitting down at the hologame table at 01:54, when the Dejarik holochess game is accidentally activated.

Another comparison video, created by Youtuber Dimitri Bitu, includes overlapping dialogue and audio from both TFA and the Original Trilogy.

While it’s far too late to get a refund on your TFA movie tickets, what would be the point? You will likely end up buying the Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD anyhow, when they are released for sale on April 5th. So … enjoy!


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