Target-Exclusive Droid 3-Pack: BB-8, C-3PO and R0-4LO

April 2, 2016 – Twelve-inch Star Wars figures have been around since the earliest days of Star Wars collecting. Some of the vintage 12-inch figures, whether loose or boxed, command some of the highest prices, which you can see HERE on Ebay listings.

So we’re not surprised that Target has recently released its exclusive BB-8/C-3PO/R0-4LO three-pack ($29.99 USD). We are surprised, however, that a new and obscure droid (R0-4LO) is included in this droid collection, instead of the logical choice, the ever-popular R2-D2.
R0-4LO does make a brief appearance in The Force Awakens, but if you blink, you could miss seeing the astromech droid altogether. (The droid stands next to an X-wing fighter, visible over Chewbacca’s shoulder.) Obscure, indeed.
R0-4LO Droid 4pack
A 3.75-inch version of R0-4LO was released in Sept. 2015 by Disney as part of the Droid Factory 4-pack, which also includes R2-Q2, R4-M9 and R5-X3. You can still find the 4-pack available on Amazon (currently $37.90) and Ebay (currently $35.00 and up). If you’re lucky, you still might find them available at various Disney Stores.

The other curious issue is the release of a 12-inch version of a relatively unknown droid. While BB-8 is clearly the star droid of The Force Awakens and this 3-pack set, and while the red-armed C-3PO will attract more buyers, not every collector will be enthralled by R0-4LO. For starters, a good number of collectors avoid the 12-inch figures altogether, whether because of limited space considerations or because their focus is limited to the smaller scaled series.

But if you’re into the 12-inch figure scale, go for it. Most of the reviews have been positive, including a detailed photo-review at And for fans and collectors of all things BB-8, this set is probably a “must buy”. BB-8’s larger size, its four areas of articulation (swivel and rotatable head, ball-socket neck, and ball-jointed left and right arm), plus its removable panels and arms, will draw in a lot of collectors. The only flaw is a missing “thumbs-up flame” arm. The retail price (only $29.99 USD) is surprisingly lower than we would have guessed as, in our estimation, the overall value is probably higher.

Also check out the video review below:

TIP: If you are having trouble locating the 3-pack in the toy section of Target, try the CD/DVD section. Alternatively, you can locate the set HERE on Ebay.


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