TARGET: Star Wars Luggage Tag, Droid 3-Pack and “The Force Awakens” Bluray/DVD Combo Set

April 5, 2016 – If you are heading to Target to pick up a Star Wars: The Force Awakens DVD or Blu-ray Combo Pack, bypass the front-of-the-store TFA display and head for the CD/DVD section at the rear.

There, you should find several shelves freshly stocked with a nice assortment of Star Wars and TFA merchandise: decals, books, figurines, T-shirts, music CD’s, and even a luggage tag:

Luggage tag (pictured here attached to cardboard backer) is about 4.75" x 2.75".  Hand-stitched and leathery, the tag is $6.99 at Target.

Luggage tag (pictured here attached to cardboard backer) is about 4.75″ x 2.75″. Hand-stitched and leathery, the tag is $6.99 at Target.

Reverse of luggage tag

Reverse of luggage tag

If you’re just looking to purchase the Bluray Combo Pack or a single DVD of The Force Awakens, Target offers you three options:

The single DVD is on sale for $16.99 (reg. $18.99; photo below, right).

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD combo is $19.99. (Photo below, left)

The Target-exclusive set (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital combo with over 20 minutes of bonus content) is $24.99. The combo pack comes in an exclusive collectible package that folds out to reveal detailed character art. Be aware, however, that the bonus content is digital and must be accessed online through a Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) account; it is not on disc.

To compare other stores’ Bluray/DVD offerings for The Force Awakens (BestBuy, Disney Store, Walmart), click HERE.

CD for "The Force Awakens" soundtrack

CD for “The Force Awakens” soundtrack

The CD soundtrack for The Force Awakens is also on sale at Target (now $11.99; reg. $13.99). This is another “exclusive” which includes a square photo booklet and two collectible square art cards on textured cardstock (our versions show the backside of Kylo Ren holding his lightsaber as it snows around him; the other card shows a TIE fighter close-up crashing into the sands of Jakku).

The $11.99 CD sale price compares very favorably to current Amazon listings at $23.50 and higher.

If there is no Target near you or you don’t mind waiting for shipment, you can order online and save $10 (after spending $50) or save $25 (after spending $100) on Star Wars items (excluding Legos and clearance items). Use promo code “FORCE” online HERE.

Finally, check out Target’s exclusive 12-inch droid 3-pack, featuring BB-8, a red-armed C-3PO, and the obscure droid R0-4LO, which we previously wrote about HERE. Bypass the toy section and head for the CD/DVD aisles to find these remarkable droid sets ($29.99).


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