Deleted Scenes from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

April 12, 2016 – Here are some of the deleted scenes that were either in the script or which, if filmed, you will find on your DVD or Blu-ray disc of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We only wish the narrator had done a lot less talking and simply showed each deleted scene.

● Kylo Ren boards the Millennium Falcon | 0:19
● General Leia talks politics | 0:43
● Finn aims his blaster at a panicked Jakku villager | 1:28
● Finn tries to hitchhike on Jakku into the nearest town | 1:48
● Tunnel Standoff: Han Solo, Chewie, Finn and Maz confront stormtroopers in a tunnel beneath the temple | 2:12
● Maz hands Leia Luke’s lightsaber at the Resistance base (we see this scene in one of the trailers)| 2:54
● Rey’s Vision: A snippet of Darth Vader’s battle with Luke on Bespin and the subsequent chain of custody of the lightsaber has been cut | 3:19
● Resistance X-wing fighters accelerate to light speed | 3:41
● Rey and Finn elude stormtroopers in a snowspeeder chase | 4:03
● Supreme Leader Snoke says Vader’s act of redemption (saving Luke and throwing the Emperor down the shaft) was a moment of weakness, not his salvation | 4:25


Chalk another one up for “irony”. The video above, about deleted scenes from The Force Awakens, appears to have been … deleted. The YouTube user likely received a copyright take-down notice from Disney/Lucasfilm. Nevertheless, the bulleted list above is still useful for reference.


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