How C-3PO Acquired His Red Arm

April 14, 2016 – One of the unanswered questions from The Force Awakens – how C-3PO ended up with a red left arm – has now been answered.

Marvel Comics has just released its C-3PO Special edition. The golden protocol droid and other droids are escorting OMRI, a droid serving the First Order, to the Resistance. OMRI has important intelligence information – the location of Admiral Ackbar, abducted by the First Order.

En route back to the Resistance, C-3PO, OMRI and other droids run into big trouble. After the droids’ vehicle crashes onto a hostile planet, a large, tentacled creature wraps one of its arms around C-3PO’s left arm and rips it off. (Sidenote: This act of violence seems to continue Star Wars’ proud tradition of severing limbs and body parts in nearly every movie.) Other droids are eliminated one by one.
C3PO loses his arm During their traumatic journey, C-3PO and OMRI begin to bond and develop a relationship as they discuss how their memories have been repeatedly wiped. “We could’ve been allies before,” they say to each other.

While walking in search of a downed TIE fighter, it rains on both droids. Eventually, exposure to the acid rain turns OMRI’s metallic coat to a red primer color, and his arm falls off at the joint.
C3PO comic predicament In a bit of heroics, OMRI sacrifices himself to save his new friend. Before he expires, OMRI reveals Ackbar’s location. C-3PO manages to save OMRI’s left arm (now red because of the acid rain) just as Poe Dameron and BB-8 come to his rescue. Threepio wears OMRI’s arm as a replacement for his missing limb “at least for awhile” and, if droids can have feelings, as a reminder of his fallen colleague.

By the end of The Force Awakens, Threepio’s arm is restored to its golden glory again.

The C-3PO Special edition comic is now available at comic book stores or for purchase online (MSRP $4.99).

R.I.P. (Photo credit: Gordon Tarpley)

R.I.P. (Photo credit: Gordon Tarpley)


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