Star Wars Prequel, with New Darth Maul Scene, Edited by a Fan

Darth Maul-prequel edited
April 17, 2016 – For those that enjoy watching the Star Wars prequels (Episodes I, II and III), but don’t mind some of the goofier or slower scenes being edited, below is a fan-edited version for you. The video runs just overt 4 hours and 45 minutes.

YouTuber user “Zaandarbrow Fan Edits”, who created the video, writes: “This is my Final Fan Edit project of the prequels because I fixed a few parts that were choppy and I added a few scenes in that I missed. Also I put the Darth Maul fan film in at a part in Episode I because it makes the character seem more bad ass! Support their channel 🙂 And Special thanks to the anti-cheese edits for the Jar Jar voice over. I hope you enjoy!”

The newly added scenes of Darth Maul (at around 00:55:24 to 1:10:00) are particularly interesting, even enjoyable.

So take note, Disney and Mr. Lucas: This is one way a proper treatment of Darth Maul should have been presented. Below is the cued scene of Darth Maul, right after Yoda’s speech to the young Anakin Skywalker (00:55:24):

The video was posted 15 March 2016. But don’t wait too long to see it. The last time another fan posted a similar edited video, YouTube blocked the video after several months – presumably because of a take-down notice from the copyright holder.


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