2016 Autograph and Photo-Op Prices for Star Wars Celebration Europe

July 7, 2016 – Autograph prices have been announced today, along with a separate fee for photo-ops, for Star Wars Celebration Europe (July 15-17th).


U.S. visitors will continue to benefit from the British pound sterling’s ongoing decline as a result of the Brexit vote. Today’s currency-conversion rate is £1:$1.29. If this rate remains at or about the same next weekend, then U.S. visitors could expect to pay the following: [UPDATE: As of late afternoon, July 12th, the British pound has climbed to £1:$1.33, meaning that for U.S. visitors, the prices quoted below will be a bit higher when converted to U.S. dollars.]

● Mark Hamill autograph ($174.30/ £135) and photo ($187.21 / £145)
● Carrie Fisher autograph and photo ($103.29 each / £80 each)
● Anthony Daniels autograph ($71.01 / £55) and photo ($83.92 / £65)
● Kenny Baker autograph and photo ($45.19 each / £35 each)
● Peter Mayhew autograph and photo ($58.10 each / £45 each)
● Ray Park autograph and photo ($45.19 each / £35 each)
● All Others at £20 = $25.82
● All Others at £15 = $19.37

SWCelebration-AutographingActors-A SWCelebration-AutographingActors-B


Yes, many fans across social media are bemoaning the high prices to see some of the “A-List” celebrities. $175+ to see Mark Hamill? $100+ for Carrie Fisher? But the laws of supply-and-demand are dictating the price, not simply “corporate greed” as some allege.

To put it another way: If Mark Hamill and the convention organizers reduced his fee to, say, $30 (£23.23), what would happen? We would still end up with a lot of disgruntled fans because the demand would be overwhelming. The estimated 30,000 to 40,000 convention goers could not all meet Mr. Hamill over the three-day weekend because the line (queue) would go out the door and end up somewhere in the Thames or across the English channel.

And if you are a non-British visitor, be grateful for the unexpected drop in the British pound. (Sorry, my British friends.)

Next, here is another good bit of news: In 2010 and 2012, when Star Wars Celebration last visited Orlando, the autograph price was $20.00 for the lowest-demand celebrities. Six years later, thanks to the weaker British pound, the price will be about $19.37 (£15) – an actual decrease.

Finally, keep in mind that your time is precious and that you have to prioritize. There are far too many celebrities, collectors panels, seminars, exhibits, screenings, contests and other events for one fan to cover during the three days.

Before you arrive, draw up a schedule for each day. Remember to add queue time (waiting in line) and travel time for the more popular events. Drink lots of water. And have fun.


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