Star Wars Celebration Europe: A Final Look at Some Costumed Fans

August 17, 2016 – Star Wars Celebration Europe may have come and gone in the blink of an eye (or, more exactly, one month ago), but the memories live on.

Here are some photos of fans in their creative glory showing their love for that galaxy far, far away.

BB-8 was popular this year, whether in the form of a spiffy dress, or as a BB-8 inspired pilot (cool helmet!)

The third season of Star Wars Rebels begins on Sept. 24th, which might explain the absence of Chopper and Sabine from this lineup (or maybe they’re still parking the car). Star Wars Rebels

We all love a good prequel – and a shiny glowing orb. Queen Amidala

You don’t have to be rich like Queen Amidala, above, to dress up for Star Wars. “Chewbacca on a Dime” wins my vote for Most Frugal Costume. Actually made me laugh. Brilliant!

Imperial Officer: “Hey! No parking here!”
Han Solo: “We’re just passing through.”

So who’s going to clean up after that dirty Taun Taun of yours? Why, it’s Matt the Radar Technician. (See YouTube if you have no idea who this is.)

I’ve always liked Salacious Crumb. The rodent with the attitude.

Lord Vader and his minions.

Some costumes and make-up jobs were dead-on accurate, as if you had stepped into the original movie.

Others made me look at Ewoks in a different way for the very first time.

Hasbro messing up the packaging again.

This father gets my vote for “Coolest Dad of the Year Award”. Not only did he take his son to Celebration, but they dressed identically in Return of the Jedi Luke costumes. Hope his son cherishes the memories!

Twi’leks – in any hue – are the height of feminine pulchritude. (There, I just expanded your vocabulary.)

Two points if you know who this is. (Answer: Sidon Ithano. He’s probably still hanging on a store peg at your local Walmart or ToysRUs somewhere.)

Pink-bacca: There’s so much going on in this picture, I don’t even know where to begin.

At the end of the day, even mortal enemies can kick back and enjoy a beer together.

And, finally, let us pray that this is not hiding under your bed tonight. SquidHead-071616

Thank you to all the costumed fans for putting in the extra effort and for making Celebration Europe that much more enjoyable. If you recognize someone in these photos (or if it’s you), please comment below.


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