Star Wars in 99 Seconds

September 22, 2016 – The music video below was posted in December, 2015 – just days before the premiere of The Force Awakens.

We hope Jon Cozart (YouTube channel: Paint) will post an updated version to include TFA, Rogue One and the many more Star Wars films to come.

0:00 Episode I – Main Titles
0:22 Episode II – Across the Stars
0:33 Episode III – Battle of the Heroes
0:46 Episode IV – Cantina Band
1:01 Episode V – Imperial March
1:20 Episode VI – Binary Sunset

Note: “Bae” at 00:29 = “babe”. Urban Dictionary says “bae” stands for “before anyone else”, or a contraction of “babe”. Guessing this in vogue word will go away by the time Star Wars Ep. IX comes out.


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