Analyzing Rogue Friday 2016 (Force Friday)

September 30, 2016 – Here we go again: Another Force Friday (or “Rogue Friday”) has arrived, and some people will be ecstatic for what they have found, and others disappointed.

The official street-date was supposed to be September 30th at 12:00 midnight. Major retailers, such as Walmart and Target, largely enforced the embargo – although there were many reports of collectors somehow circumventing it over the last week.

There are lots of examples: Store managers who overrode their POS (point of sale) terminals; unscrupulous fans who would scan a non-embargoed Zuvio, for example, at self-checkout but then replace Zuvio with a restricted Rogue One figure; consumers complaining to corporate headquarters, who told the manager or clerk to simply allow the purchase. This is the Dark Side of collecting.

But most fans, by and large, observed the restrictions.

The reward for patience was lots of availability of product – and some great deals. Sometime after 11:00 PM on Sept. 29th, online vendors such as Amazon and ToysRUs, removed the restrictions.

ToyRUs website featuring "Rogue Friday" (Force Friday) specials

ToyRUs website featuring “Rogue Friday” (Force Friday) specials

ToysRUS had some of the best deals for 6-inch Black Series figures. Kylo Ren Unmasked, K-2SO, Imperial Death Trooper, and Captain Cassian Andor – all were on sale for $15.99 (regularly $19.99). Another discount: Hera Syndulla’s A-Wing on sale for $26.99 (regularly $31.99)

But by 12:30 AM, some of the more popular figures (especially the new Rogue One 6-inch figures) at Amazon and ToysRUs were out of stock.

Rogue Friday at Target

If you didn’t want to venture out at midnight or you missed the online sales, Target might be your next best option. Opening at 8:00 AM on Sept. 30th, Target (just like last year) made the extra effort and stocked lots of Star Wars product in quantity.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Big Figs will disappear quickly due to the low price point ($20 each) and limited availability

The Big Figs will disappear quickly due to the low price point ($20 each) and limited availability

If your interest extends beyond the action figures, there are lots of other Star Wars products begging to go home with you:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Target offers one of the best deals: Similar to last year’s offer, Target is again offering two coupon-savings deals. If your Star Wars purchase is $100 or more, get $25 off (excludes Lego and clearance items). If the total is $50 or more, get $10 off (same exclusions apply).

TIP: Save an additional 5% off your entire Target purchase when you open or use the Target REDcard™


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