Force Saturday at Walmart?

October 1, 2016 – Walmart may have been a bit slow in setting up its Rogue One displays and stocking its shelves by the time Force Friday arrived yesterday. But a visit a day later – what we tongue-in-cheek call “Force Saturday” – rewarded us with LOTS of new Star Wars products and some great prices.

Gone were the barren, forlorn shelves and pegs of the past few months. At a Super Walmart in Orlando, Florida, a healthy quantity of 6-inch and 3.75-inch action figures – including Walmart’s exclusive Black Series 3.75-inch figures – greeted customers.

Prices for some figures and the titanium vehicles are cheaper than Target and ToysRUs. The Rogue One 3.75-inch figures, for example, are now priced at $7.47 (compared to Target’s $7.99) and the 6-inch Black Series figures are $18.84 (compared to Target’s $19.99). Despite the price differences, however, Target is generally superior in action figure availability.

The more popular 6-inch figures were, predictably, all gone. No Sergeant Jyn Erso, no K-2S0, no Capt. Cassian Andor – practically no Rogue One 6-inch figures were left. If you were looking for older product, however, you could still pull a Jango Fett, Kanan Jarrus, Rey, a First Order Snowtrooper and some other retreads, all priced at $18.84 each.

One nice surprise were the many rows of Black Series titanium vehicles: TIE Striker; Rebel U-Wing Fighter; Imperial Cargo Shuttle; First Order Star Destroyer; Inquisitor’s TIE Adanced Prototype.

Priced at $4.93 each, this could mean only one thing: Better get another shopping cart…. Titanium vehicle collectors are going to go nuts.

For $12.93, kids might like the plastic-y Force Awakens lightsabers – or the 12-inch Fifth Brother Inquisitor and other shampoo bottles ($9.92).

Deeper pockets will buy you the remote-controlled BB-8 ($59.00) or the new Rogue One “Interactech” Imperial Stormtrooper ($29.84), featuring “65+ sounds and phrases”.

Electronic BB-8 and Imperial Stormtrooper

Electronic BB-8 and Imperial Stormtrooper

A couple new Rogue One vehicles were still on hand, including the TIE Striker ($39.97) and the Rebel U-Wing Fighter ($44.88).

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Lego products dominate half the aisle, including the Lego Buildable Figures of Kylo Ren, K-2SO and the Imperial Death Trooper ($24.86 each). walmart-100116-l

Lego’s Captain Phasma and First Order Stormtrooper are still patiently waiting to be adopted as well.

Lego Star Wars vehicles and playsets sell well, filling in the gap left by Hasbro:

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If you are looking for even more vehicles, Walmart will be happy to oblige. A cardboard display houses dozens and dozens of classic and new Star Wars ships priced at $4.88 each. walmart-100116-q1

Happy hunting:

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Finally, don’t forget to check out the Clearance Aisle. Some left over stragglers from The Force Awakens, including a First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter (reduced to $19.00 from $39.99), a Hot Wheels “Escape from Jakku” playset ($20) and some Funko Pop vinyl figures ($4), might still fit in your shopping cart. Or not.

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Walmart, by the way, has just released the following commercial, which promotes their exclusive Scarif Stormtrooper Black Series figure. No word yet when Walmart will release these action figures for sale.


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